When a relationship ends, the individual needs of you and your spouse need to be negotiated and decided upon before moving forward in your respective lives. In Northern Kentucky, many clients are choosing the collaborative process to come to agreements in a more practical manner without involving courtroom litigation as the deciding factor in their separation.  Collaborative law is a way where you and your spouse can come to a peaceful resolution to your relationship with mutual dignity and respect.  

How Does It Work?

Collaborative law is about your timeline, not the Northern Kentucky court’s timeline.  A settlement will be reached on you and your spouse’s terms with no obligation to the court’s dockets or schedule.  

This process is a team effort, with both you and your spouse retaining attorneys who have been qualified to take part in the collaborative process.  Before the process begins, an agreement must be made by all parties involved to accomplish a separation with respect and without entering a courtroom. 

In that regard, the parties agree to allow the implementation of outside experts if necessary and share costs related to those experts.  These could include real estate appraisers, business appraisers, family specialists, or parenting consultants. What makes the collaborative process such an asset is that it’s up to the client to decide who to include in the process.

How To Get Started

If you and your spouse decide upon pursuing a collaborative separation in the Northern Kentucky area, the first step is to contact a qualified and trained collaborative attorney.  This can be accomplished by clicking the Contact Us link above. Referrals can be made for your spouse. Once an appointment is set between you, your spouse, and your respective representation, a commitment via contract towards pursuing a collaborative separation will be made without pursuing litigation.

With subsequent meetings, you and your spouse, as two willing participants, will convey your needs and explore ways towards coming to a settlement that will leave both parties satisfied without making your personal business a part of public record.  At a fraction of the cost, in cases where the collaborative process has been used, settlements have been made at a much more rapid pace than the drawn out process of courtroom resolutions.  

If the collaborative separation process sounds right for you, click Here to Contact Us for a free consultation to begin pursuing a dignified settlement that will leave both you and your spouse satisfied.